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IT Study Essentials is a free preparation course by Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) that focuses on building core knowledge and abilities related to the Business Information Technology (BIT) / Tietojenkäsittely and Computer Applications (CA) studies. In this course you learn about basics of computer, tools used in operating systems (Windows / Mac), necessary knowledge in software systems and the skills required to perform programming. All these tools and practices are generally in use at HAMK IT studies.

The course consists of 2 different sections, which are Operating Systems (Windows & Mac) and Introduction to Programming. Most of material have been produced as videos and both sections have their own YouTube playlist. Operating Systems (Windows & Mac) also includes the PowerPoint documents and Introduction to Programming has practical exercises.

HAMK teachers may require that you have the basic knowledge from this course. The course material will available throughout the studies, but if you want to complete the course, the Moodle exam must be completed during the first Autumn. More information will be given in the Orientation week.

Please note that this course website is optimized for Desktop usage.

Work Load and Prerequisites

Previous experience about operating systems or programming is not required and learning is independent work. You don’t need to register to start doing the course, so the course has now started!

There is an optional registration for those who want 3 ECTS credits that can be done AFTER you have studied all the material and done all the exercises. More instructions will be available in the orientation week. Now you can just head to the material and start learning IT Study Essentials.

Contact Information

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